Garden Install

Your Garden Will Be Installed By Experts

Garden ConstructionGarden installation is more than just digging a hole and filling it with a plant. It can be a daunting task, especially in Toronto’s heavy clay soils and with larger, weighty plant material. First, the new garden area needs to be prepared. This could mean cutting new beds out of a lawn, removing and disposing of the existing sod, or recovering an overgrown existing garden bed, removing weeds, and existing perennials and overgrown shrubs. New soil will need to be added to the beds before plants can be installed. Once the planting is complete, gardens are mulched to help reduce weed growth and retain soil moisture.

Garden installation sometimes includes garden accents or focal points like rocks, stepping stones, statues or water features.

Landcare’s experienced planting crews will properly prepare new garden beds, installing high quality triple mix and, if required, other soil ammendments like compost. They follow horticultural best practices when planting and transplanting, and are experienced with planting anything from small groundcovers to large caliper trees. They are also experienced with placing large rocks and other garden features in garden installation projects.

Garden Landscape DesignGreen Roof Design

Our planting Crew Leaders are trained at reading landscaping plans, so whether you’ve designed your own garden or have a planting plan from a landscape designer or architect, your new garden will be installed as expected.