Landscape Design

We Make Your Vision A Reality

Residential Property DesignAlong with increasing your pride in and enjoyment of your property, landscaping can increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking to increase curb appeal or enhance the quality of your outdoor living spaces or trying to solve a problem with your property, hiring a professional landscape designer will get you started on the right track.

A landscape designer will work with you to create a plan and budget for your landscaping project that meets your needs. Even when you have a good idea of what you want to do, hiring a landscape designer can be a benefit. They bring a balance of creativity and knowledge to the table and can identify and resolve problems you might not see. Landscape designers are aware of building code requirements and local bylaws and will ensure these requirements are considered as part of your landscaping plan.

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Landcare’s landscape design professionals’ years and variety of experience allow us to work on projects from small urban garden pond landscaping, to outdoor living spaces, to commercial property master plans and even green roof designs. Our designers work with you to identify your desires and needs, taking your budget and timeline into consideration. We apply sound design principles, horticultural knowledge and current landscape construction strategies to turn your vision into a reality. Landcare’s team of landscape designers collaborate on larger projects to provide broader skills and consult with our construction professionals to ensure our designs can be built efficiently and are structurally sound.

Landcare’s Landscape Design Process

Landcare’s design process varies depending on the size of your project. A small urban garden design is much less involved than a commercial property design. Generally, Landcare’s landscape design process is:

  • Landscape Design And BuildThe first step involves Landcare developing an understanding of what the client wants to accomplish, their style preferences, material preferences, likes and dislikes, and their budget and timeline.
  • Landcare will set up a design contract for the client. Once the client agrees to the contract, the designer and client will inspect the site and discuss how the client’s vision or desires might be implemented on the property. The designer will discuss, in general terms, any bylaws or building code issues that might apply. If appropriate, the designer may develop a rough preliminary or concept plan while on site.
  • The designer will photograph the site, take measurements, and itemize existing plants and site characteristics.
  • The designer will prepare a concept drawing consisting of hardscaping and foundation planting.
  • The designer will meet with the client to discuss the concept drawing.
  • Based on the changes discussed in the meeting with the client, the designer will finalize the landscaping plan, identify all plant material, investigate permit requirements and prepare an estimate for installation. The estimate will include the costs for preparing construction details, grading plans and any other required plans, along with the costs associated with acquiring permits, if any are required.
  • The designer will meet with the client to review the landscaping plan and associated estimate.

The Landcare Advantage

  • Landcare’s team of professional designers experience covers a broad range of project types, sizes and styles. Landcare will assign the designer whose expertise and experience best meet your needs.
  • Landcare’s designers take a team approach to design, collaborating with the expert in a given area while working with the client to meet their needs.
  • Landcare’s designers work with the client’s budget and construction in mind. Our estimates are based on our team of skilled landscape construction experts installing your project.
  • Landcare’s extensive network of associates are there to assist in completing the design, estimating and/or implementation of your project.