Commercial Property Landscaping Design

Driving through downtown Toronto, one will be amazed by the number of construction cranes erecting new condominium complexes. It is a fascinating sight. Amazing that all these units can be filled. Well they are and young people flock to them. There are lots of incentives for them to do so; low interest rates, amenities such as common rooms with pool tables, entertainment set ups, roof top gardens, etc. They are trendy and central.

What can all this mean to owners of units in older buildings?


What can be done about it? Well you are not going to stop or slow the building craze. You have to retain and improve the value of what you have. Commercial landscaping can create a great first impression on someone, a feeling of comfort and home. Properties with green space in the city are sought after and appreciated. Don’t under estimate the aesthetic and intrinsic value of a well put together landscape.

Older buildings in Toronto often have a lot of charm that has been lost by years of status quo, neglect or the inability to gain a consensus on what to do. Factors that mitigate this situation are:

  • Changing Boards
  • Changing Management Companies
  • Changing Property Managers
  • Changing Landscaping Companies

New buildings can also have poor landscapes as a result of:

  • Limited Budget
  • Poor Initial Installation
  • Poor Design Because Of Site Factors Such As Light And Water Not Being Accounted For
  • Over Planted
  • Damage From Salt

Stone LandscapingNatural Stone Landscaping

Landcare has recognized this challenge and offers a unique service to satisfy your needs and deliver results. Our commercial property design team will create a Master Plan to bring your property up to date. There is nothing worse than loose ends or not accounted for areas. They could continue to be neglected or add to end costs that have not been included in the budget.

A Master Plan will:

  • Review all neglected areas of the property
  • Clearly illustrate what is to be done, which can easily be shared
  • Provide a cost analysis
  • Allow for long term budgeting
  • Analyze the project and plan into stages
  • Enable the board to follow the progress both from a budget stand point as well as from an installation stand point ensuring the long term integrity of the project

Our three step process ensures success. Start by filling out our Landscape questionnaire. An initial consultation will flush out some ideas. In the second meeting a concept will be presented for your review. Modifications will be made and working drawings will be presented, with each component estimated.

Our team can implement:

Garden ConstructionComplete Landscaping And Construction

The advantages to using Landcare are:

  • Experienced and equipped to do both large and small projects
  • Professional teams who are masters at their trade: design, wood, stone, horticulture
  • Understand the challenges of working downtown
  • Experienced at using and moving existing plant materials
  • Centrally located yard
  • Crews to maintain the completed project, greater commitment to ensure success

Don’t wait to call. Landcare wants to help you turn your tired landscape into an oasis of health and happiness. Landcare’s designs are thoughtful, thorough, creative and invigorating. There is nothing better than to have a long term plan to ensure long term success. Give us a call today and Landcare can get started on a Master Plan.