Summer Lawn and Garden Maintenance Services

Even The Best Design Will Fail Without Proper Maintenance!

close up shot of purple flowerLandcare offers year-round Commercial and home landscape maintenance, also known as grounds-keeping. We divide our year-round maintenance programs into two types, Summer and Winter maintenance. Our Summer Maintenance program also includes spring and fall cleanup services. We provide our services to commercial and residential properties, businesses, multi-unit residences, industrial operations, and single family homes.

Landcare’s crews can maintain anything: lawn areas, gardens, planter boxes, containers, trees, rooftop gardens, anything!

Landcare runs several maintenance crews serving neighbourhoods across Toronto. Our experienced crew members have educational backgrounds including, Horticultural Technician Diplomas, Horticultural Apprenticeship Certification, Ornamental Maintenance Certification, and equivalent field experience. Questions and requests can be directed to Landcare Administration. Also, if needed, our managers have office-line extensions and can be contacted directly.

home backyard gardencommercial building garden

Landcare has the depth of staffing to handle all of your landscaping requirements in-house through our multiple service divisions of Landscape Maintenance, Enhancements, Construction and Design. Saving you the time and stress of dealing with multiple, unknown contractors. Landcare’s knowledgeable team can also provide pro-active suggestions on how to improve your property’s appearance and health, through fertilizing, soil conditioning, organic apps, planting, amendments, and construction. Our strong relationships with sub trades, also allows Landcare to help with your other outdoor requirements, such as sprinkler systems, large tree pruning and outdoor lighting.

Lawn Care Maintenance Programs Available

Landscape Maintenance

Lawns will be cut, edged, and trimmed. Gardens are kept weeded, edged, and cultivated. Perennials are deadheaded and staked when needed, annuals are pinched, and shrubs trimmed. All debris is removed from the property and disposed of by Landcare. To ensure your property looks its best, properties with lawns are serviced on a weekly basis. Properties without lawn areas may be serviced bi-weekly, depending on requirements. Appointments with Landcare management can be arranged to offer advice on additional plantings, divisions and transplanting, lawn restoration, or other landscaping.

Grass Cutting Maintenance

For those who prefer to do their own gardening but still require garden pruning. Includes: grass cutting, keeping the property free of debris, blowing off the hard surfaces. This service is charged per cut or on a monthly basis. To ensure your property looks its best, Grass Cutting Maintenance is provided on a weekly basis.

Lawn Care Maintenance Descriptions by Season

Spring Clean Up- SCU

April to May 15 – 1 Payment

flower garden from side of buildingSCU is (3) visits consisting of a thorough clean-up of the lawn and garden areas to prepare them for a healthy growing season. Visit one will focus on the clean-up of debris and the lawn care, heavy rake lawn area where needed, edge sidewalks and walkways as needed, remove leaves and debris from entire property and dead head perennials. On visit two, when soil is sufficiently warm and plants are visible, Landscape Maintenance customers will have the gardens cultivated to oxygenate the soil and encourage plant development and any remaining plants will be deadheaded. All garden waste will be removed. Visit three will focus on completing any outstanding requirements and the cutting of the lawn areas. Customers may request an appointment in early spring to receive recommendations regarding landscaping and/or soil amendments.

Grass Cutting Maintenance visits will consist lawn care, heavy rake lawn area where needed, remove leaves and debris from entire property. All contracts require an initial clean up. If the contract is negotiated after the middle of May the clean-up will be done over one or two visits.

Summer Lawn and Garden Maintenance

May 15 – October 15 – 5 payments

backyard pruning Landscape Maintenance clients with lawns and Grass Cutting Maintenance clients will receive weekly lawn care. Landscape Maintenance clients with gardens only will receive weekly or bi-weekly garden care. The property is kept free of debris. Program details are provided above.

For all weekly clients, the summer calendar contains two additional weeks, not charged in the 5 month price. As a result, Landcare schedules two shut-down weeks during slow growth periods, once in mid-summer and once in the fall. Landcare schedules these dates, so there is no significant service disruption. However, if you wish to receive service during shut-down weeks, it will be provided at a time and material charge.

Fall Lawn and Garden Clean Up

October 15 to late November – 1 payment

blowing leaves on the Toronto streetsFall Clean Up consists of 3 bi-weekly visits. Landscape Maintenance clients will have lawn areas will be cut down to a height of 2” by winter dormancy. Landscape Maintenance clients will have perennials cut back as necessary and garden beds deeply turned. All leaves and debris will be removed. Upon request, leaves will be left in the garden beds where appropriate for mulching and insulation. Annual plantings and urn arrangements done by LANDCARE will be removed (additional charge for removing those not planted by LANDCARE).

All garden waste material will be disposed of by Landcare. For an additional charge, clients can have perennials divided and tender plants wrapped. Grass Cutting Maintenance clients will have lawn areas cut down to a height of 2” by winter dormancy, and all leaves and debris cleaned up. All garden waste material will be disposed of by Landcare.