Fall Landscape Pruning, Fertilization & Garden Services

Garden Maintenance Services

Garden Maintenance Services

  • Cut, edge and trim lawns
  • Weed, edge and cultivate gardens
  • Deadhead perennials
  • Trim shrubs
  • Cut lawn to 2″ for winter dormancy
  • Remove leaves from lawns and gardens
  • Cut back perennials – leave grasses, hydrangea and coneflower for winter interest

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program

  • 4th app., Oct 15-Nov 1, Alfalfa 5-1-5

Additional Fall Lawn Care Services

  • Top dress and seed bare and thinning patches
  • Aerating to reduce soil compaction and increase soil oxygen levels

Additional Garden Services

  • Close-up water features
  • Amend garden soil
  • Divide peonies, oriental poppies, astilbes, and bleeding hearts
  • Mulch gardens to protect new and divided plants from frost heave
  • Annual planting arrangements installed before Thanksgiving
  • Seasonal container arrangements planted before Thanksgiving and in late November
  • Wrap rhododendrons, boxwoods, emerald cedars and other tender shrubs or those exposed to excess salt
  • Fertilize trees and shrubs

Garden PruningLandscape Maintenance Program

Pruning Services for Plants Under 12′ in Height

  • Prune deadwood out of shrubs and trees
  • Prune maples, birches, and hibiscus
  • Cut tall roses back to half their height

Landscape Design

  • Start your design process now so it is ready to install in spring
  • Design fall annual planting and fall and winter container arrangements

Landscape Build

  • Book planting of trees and large shrubs or hedges for late fall
  • Have woodworking, natural stone and interlock installed before the snow flies
  • Book your landscape installation project for next spring

Snow Removal

  • Sign up for snow plowing before Oct 1st to guarantee your spot
  • Parking lots and driveways plowed, sidewalks and walkways cleared, ice melting products applied, snow removal when necessary
  • Commercial properties – condominiums, townhouse complexes, apartment buildings, industrial properties, retail properties
  • Residential properties