Summer Landscape Maintenance Service

Lawn Care and Garden Maintenance

  • Cut, edge and trim lawns
  • Weed, edge and cultivate gardens
  • Deadhead and stake perennials
  • Pinch annuals
  • Trim shrubs

Organic Lawn Fertilizer Program

  • 3rd application: August 1st to September 1st – Alfalfa 5-1-5
Stone Landscaping Green Roof Design Landscape Maintenance Services

Additional Summer Landscape Services

  • Install new sod

Additional Summer Garden Services

  • Amend garden soil
  • Divide irises and poppies
  • Mulch garden areas and base of vines to help conserve water and reduce weeds
  • Fertilize gardens in early July

Pruning Services for Plants Under 12’ in Height

  • Prune deadwood out of shrubs and trees and shape hedges
  • Prune weigelas, privets, wisteria, trumpet vine, climbing hydrangea, spring and early summer flowering clematis, and other shrubs that bloomed in spring from July onward to shape or control size


  • Have your outdoor oasis professionally designed
  • Design fall annual planting and container arrangements
  • Plan for fall bulb planting


  • Create your backyard oasis or increase your curb appeal with a construction or enhancement project